CSP Overview

As a professional Solar plant service provider, Rayspower is always committed to the R&D and market application of solar thermal power generation technologies with adherence to the green energy technology philosophy. Rayspower has obtained core technologies and intellectual property of solar thermal power generation with a lot of patents for solar thermal power generation system which has large-scale heat storage function. Rayspower has a lot of professional and technical personnels in CSP field. We have established long-term strategic cooperation relationship with world-known scientific research institutions and excellent enterprises. With the superiority of technology and talents, Rayspower is becoming one of the most influential enterprises in China CSP field.

Rayspower is promoting and developing concentrating solar power technology in China and abroad. We can provide customers complete solutions for solar thermal power generation system including system design, key equipment supply, engineering construction, etc. We also provide technical services such as operation &maintenance and technical training and so on.


Project Development

  -Solar plant site selection and solar resource assessment

  -Early stage of project development, preliminary design

  -Techno-economic feasibility research of the project

  -Solar plant operation & maintenance, specification design


Trough concentrating solar power system

  -Parabolic trough mirror manufacture

  -Collector support which is based on Europe mature technology

  -High precision hydraulic drive/Sun-tracking system


Trough heat-storage system

  -Large-scale molten salt heat storage system integration