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Rayspower pays special attention to staff training. We have established diversified and systematized training system creating continually improved enterprise cultural atmosphere. From the moment of joining our company, Rayspower provides each new staff with comprehensive training platform which combining training curriculum system, trainer management, training effect evaluation and training management system. Training is divided into internal training and external training from the form. From the content, training is divided into new employee orientation training, working skill training, skill training, hobbies and interests training. From level, training is divided into basic staff training, middle management training, senior management training.

In 2014, Rayspower’s sundhy business school successfully held a training activity “hand in hand” to help staff grow. Mr.Xue liming, the chairman of board is the president of the business school. At present, the first batch of “hand in hand” members have completed one year training and have been assigned to primary level management. For the urgent problems in training system establishment, we conduct comprehensive survey and meticulous design according to Rayspower’s strategy development planning and human resources planning. We have created various types of training courses such as overall professional quality training, gradient talent development plan, management training so as to provide staff with a broad occupational development space. We lay emphasis on training effect evaluation and pay attention to staff knowledge and skill improvement. We hire professional trainers with rich experience to conduct training and we also pay attention to trainers’ internal cultivation and building. The training of Rayspower is a company- wide, all-around system engineering.