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Rayspower provides competitive salary and welfare system for every staff. We will perform professional analysis for the positions, scientifically evaluate the value of the position and determine the value of staff through qualification evaluation system. All these will be taken as the important basis of determination of salary of staff on each position. Every year Rayspower will make a comparison with salary and welfare level of the same industry, establish key performance index system of performance evaluation (KPI) and determine the staff performance salary according to performance and combining the actual work of each staff. On the welfare, we will design and carry out welfare projects which conform to staff’s demands such as paid vocation, annual physical, holiday gifts, afternoon tea, recreational and sports activities, commuter bus, free brunch and so on. Scientific and reasonable salary welfare incentive mechanism is the core of modern enterprise human resources management and the key of building an efficient and stable staff team so as to achieve the stability and sustainable development of the enterprise.